Here Are Some Different Types Of Jogging Strollers For The Athletic Parent

Here Are Some Different Types Of Jogging Strollers for those who want to exercise while they are taking their child out for sun and fresh air. Decide what you want from your stroller. Decide your budget. If you want a stroller you will use everyday then you will need to spend more to buy one with a more durable frame.

Strollers come with different sized wheels. Remember, small wheels create a smoother ride while larger wheels help in rough terrain. Different wheels for your stroller will help decide what terrain you’ll be jogging on.

Going up and down curbs is easier with larger wheels. Large wheels on strollers make for a better, smoother jogging experience. Smaller wheels are great for the mall. Just because it is called a jogging stroller does not mean you have to jog behind it.

A great choice if you want to just walk your child. There is the swivel wheel or the fixed wheel type of stroller. The swivel wheel is like the wheels you will find on the front of most shopping carts. They are made to take turns easier than a fixed wheel.

Fixed wheels are for just one direction and turning corners you will need a wide birth. If you are using the stroller to jog you will want to order one with fixed wheels rather than swivel wheels. The fixed wheel stroller has more stability when you are running.

Some strollers come equipped with shock absorbers or added suspension. If you plan on using your stroller on rough terrain you will want to order one with shocks and added suspension.

There are many different stroller types. The important part is that you keep safety your number one concern. Your child should always be strapped into the stroller if you plan to run with the jogging stroller.

Make sure you are familiar with the path you are on. Some people like to walk through the complete area they plan to run on before they actually run. Holes or obstacles won’t be a problem.

As long as you keep safety in mind this is a great way to get exercise for you and your child.