Prescription Athletic GlassesThe Powerful Eyewear You Can Ever Dream of

Prescription athletic glasses are especially designed for athletes, be it amateurs or pros, playing sports on prescription glasses on a daily basis. The days when sports players are performing while worrying their butt off about slipping are long gone since prescription athletic glasses come into its own.

What do prescription athletic glasses aim at?an>

Prescription athletic glasses aim at those sports lovers who have vision problems yet have to play sports wearing glasses. Their lenses are designed with special materials such as plastic, or polycarbonate that can withstand a lot of stress and pressure. Their frames are extremely durable yet pose no extra burden to noses or ears. Prescription athletic glasses, on the one hand, offer all-around vision correction and protection, enabling their wearers to see clearly in sports events; on the other, protect wearers from being impacted by debris, dirt, or glare.

What kinds of prescription athletic glasses are there?

1. Wraparound glasses

Wraparound glasses are comprised of oversized frames and slanted ear pieces that wrap around ones face, and also some optional elastic head strap that can firmly attach to ones head, along with prescription lenses with exact lens power one needs. Wrap around glasses are renowned for their excellent cladding ability and all-around protection.

2. Sports Goggles

Swimmers prefer sports goggles just as cats like eating fish. Featuring tinted lenses (which remove glare and provide clear vision) and prescription lens power, sports goggles are tremendously helpful for those myopes in seeing things clearly under the water.

3. Curved glasses

Curved glasses have frames that curve slightly on the sides and the edges. This area covers the side of the user’s face, which allows them to turn their head quickly and still see from all angles. It also allows them to see clearly from the corner of their eye, an area that might be hindered by wearing traditional prescription glasses.

Different sports have different prescription athletic glasses, but the most important thing is to find the most suitable one that fit your face securely and tightly. Budget controlling is also important, so to land cheap eyeglasses matters a lot. For that matter, you had better comparison shop more and weigh your choice.

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