Wheelchair Options

Not all mobility equipment is the same. Today, you have so many options when it comes to choosing high quality mobility equipment that not only fits your physical needs, but also your desired lifestyle. Mobility technology advances every year; if you have not had a chance to check out the upgrades available to you, you might be missing out.
Sports wheelchair: Are you athletic? Sports wheelchairs will satisfy your active side by allowing you to explore on the court, in the gym, and even on the dance floor.

Beach and all-terrain wheelchair: Beach wheelchairs can get you around on sandy or wet surfaces. All-terrain wheelchairs are designed to navigate those unpaved paths and rocky trails you have had your eye on.

Self-propelled manual wheelchair: If you have or want to build upper-body strength and you like the close connection between you and your chair, a manual chair may work for you. You will move around by pushing in the hand rims on the two large wheels on either side of you. Manual wheelchairs can be customized to work with only one arm or with your feet. Hybrid power-assist manual wheelchair: This wheelchair is just like a manual, but it has battery-operated power that senses when you need a little help, up a hill, for example, or over bumpy terrain.

Power wheelchair: A power wheelchair also called a motorized wheelchair or electric wheelchair does all the work for you. You control the speed and direction with a control panel, usually a “joystick,” which can be customized to best serve your abilities. Some chairs can maneuver in tight spaces, and some can`t. Be sure to match your chair with your environment.

Caregiver assisted manual wheelchair: In this type of chair, your companion will push you from behind. Narrow versions are available to transfer you from one place to another. Wheelchairs Sized to Fit
Wheelchairs have a variety of options that help you feel confident and comfortable. Tall, short, large, or small, you should feel like your wheelchair is a natural fit for you. You should also feel like it is built to last a sturdy, well-built wheelchair will offer more years of comfort and safety. Take a seat: Does wheelchair feel like it is the right height, width, depth, and incline for your body type? Rest your feet: Do your legs and feet feel secure and comfortable on the footrests? Lean back: Is your back well-supported and comfortable? Take charge: Are you able to easily maneuver and control the wheelchair while you are on the move? Get yours custom: Will the chair handle any customizations you want or need? Remember, the light-weight, customizable, comfortable, easy-to-use wheelchairs may cost a little more, but when it comes to living a life without limitations, you should focus on your long-term needs. Be sure to ask your mobility dealer about offsetting costs with disability benefits, government funds, or other ways to get what you really want.

Fitting Your Wheelchair to Your Van

Be sure that the wheelchair you choose fits the handicap van you drive. Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Chrysler Town & Country minivans are all popular choices that handle wheelchair conversions well. Full-size vans have even more room and customization and luxury options. It is very important that your wheelchairs or scooter, wheelchair van, and wheelchair lift all fit together nicely.